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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your query, please feel free to email

Can I have a mix of online and face to face sessions?

You certainly can. We can work in whatever way suits you best.

What are your concessionary rates?

Concessionary rates are £35.00 an hour. If you do not qualify for a concessionary rate and would like to work out a payment plan, we can do this together. Everyone's situation is different, and everyone deserves access to counselling. 

What if I block book sessions but decide I want to leave?

A refund will be issued for any sessions you have paid for but not used. It is important that you have the freedom to leave therapy at any time, without financial implications.

What happens if I can't make a session?

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations. Less than 24 hours notice will incur a small cancellation fee of £11.00. 

Who qualifies for the concessionary rate?

Students, NHS workers, low income households and pensioners will automatically be charged at the concessionary rate of £35.00 

Isn't all counselling just CBT? That didn't work for me. 

There are many, many counselling styles out there. The NHS use CBT in particular, because CBT has been shown to be very effective and often produces fantastic results for the client. But it's not for everyone, and often it's delivered within six to twelve sessions. Sometimes a client may need more time than this. Counselling is so much more than CBT. If something doesn't feel right for you, you have the power to ask for something different. 

What issues do you work with?

I work with trauma, abuse, grief, self esteem, anxiety, addiction, clinical exhaustion, chronic pain, depression, CPTSD, sleep disorders, social anxiety, phobias, goal setting, domestic abuse and carer fatigue. All issues are welcome, and if for any reason you or I feel you may benefit from a more specialised service, I am able to signpost to a wide range of professionals. For a full list of issues I am able to work with, please see my listing on the NCPS website. This is also a great space for you to check out what you can expect from counselling, how to make complaints, and learn about your rights as a client. 

What counselling styles can you use in our sessions?

Person Centred Theory, T/A, CBT, Gestalt, Narrative Therapy, Psychodrama, EFT, MBCBT, IFS, MP, ACT, Somatic Body, Psychotherapeutic interventions, Psychodynamic approaches, and Psycho-education.  

Who can you work with?

I am able to work with anyone aged 18 and over.

Is your office accessible?

Yes, the office is located on the ground floor, and is easily accessible. In addition to this, there is on site parking adjacent to the office door. Service and therapy animals are welcome in our sessions. 


The best way to find The Nook Office is to head for Bliss hair and beauty in Brixham. Once you see this salon directly on your right hand side - all you need to do is look directly ahead of you, and you will see The Nook, and its adjacent office. Look for a house with blue cladding, cream walls and two chimneys. There is parking on the drive available at all times for the exclusive use of 528 Clients.

I have a history of adoption, and I would like to talk about this. I've previously been denied access to therapy. Can I talk to you?

Yes, you can. As of Decemeber 2023, providers of adult adoption related therapy no longer need to be registered with Ofsted. This has removed a significant amount of barriers for those with adoption related history who wish to begin counselling.

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